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IBM, Predictive Analytics, and Grevy's Zebra
The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
IBM's iconic striped logo might not immediately bring a zebra to mind, but for an endangered species now relegated to small areas of northeastern Africa, that is just what it stands for.
Don't Present Results, Tell Stories
Enterprise Systems Journal
All those fancy tools for charting and graphing won't help you unless you know your audience and tell stories about a few key results.
Distance Learning in High Def
Campus Technology
A flashy new videoconferencing technology is making distance learners at a Wisconsin college forget they're not face-to-face with their distant classmates and instructor.
The greatest sources of inspiration are often found in the strangest places. Thus, compliance management can take a lesson from lunchtime in Mumbai, where a 99.9999 accuracy rate in meal manufacturing and distribution offers a model of efficiency and control for complex compliance processes.
Twitter's appeal has mushroomed, making it a much-discussed new technology and highly popular with 18- to-25-year-old users. Depending on your point of view, Twitter is either a cool new way to connect or yet more online noise. But Twitter as an academic tool? In this interview, we talk with David Parry, assistant professor of Emerging Media at the University of Texas at Dallas, who recently blogged about using Twitter in class.
Zynga Plays Up Visual Access to Vast Data Volumes
The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
With over 230 million users monthly playing its games -- including FarmVille and Mafia Wars -- Zynga is one of the largest online social gaming developers in the world...
This is the future of college recruiting: Some 300,000 students now use a social networking site called Zinch specifically to network with colleges they are interested in attending.
Moving toward faster, more iterative business intelligence projects is a promising goal, but it takes practice.
Open source beckons, especially for institutions short on cash. Here are the rewards -- and pitfalls -- of migrating to an open source learning management system, as told by three smaller institutions.
First-year enrollment at the University of Alabama is up 40 percent, at least in part because the school is using a sophisticated data analysis product to gauge which students to target in enrollment and retention campaigns.
The debate continues over just how useful virtual worlds like Second Life are for educational purposes. We spoke with Drexel University's Jean-Claude Bradley, who is e-learning coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences, and an associate professor of chemistry.
Managing the network on a university campus may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it's certainly a critical one. Just listen to the howls should the network go down
Case Study: A Healthy Sense of Security
IT Compliance Institute
While reacting to changes in the market, a health care services company has proactively tightened down security beyond HIPAA and aims for certification on the relatively tough ISO 27001 standard.
Podcasting on a Shoestring
Campus Technology
A feisty online program director on a rock-bottom budget at a Los Angeles college is using free cast-off computers and help from an open source software startup to create podcasts of classroom lectures.
Business Intelligence Case Study
Business Intelligence Journal
1. Cleaner Data Allows Better Policing, 2. Software-as-a-Service Helps Firm Better Analyze Sales Pipeline (membership required to access these articles)
No single enterprise risk management framework is comprehensive enough to guide your company in meeting all of its compliance, governance, and risk management needs. Instead, you’ll want to selectively combine standards by building around a central framework, such as COSO or AS/NZS 4360, and reinforcing it with one or more of these risk assessment standards.
If you've earned a professional certification, you're ahead of the game. Now, don't let that new load of continuing education requirements drag you down. Here are 10 ways to earn education credits at little or no cost, often at your own keyboard, while learning something useful at the same time.
Although the spotlight tends to shine on the poor grades federal agencies receive for their information security efforts, notable security successes in government are often overlooked.
Fighting Fire with Fire
Campus Technology
The internet has made it easier than ever for students to illegally copy content, but anti-plagiarism tools are helping educators fight back.
Dare to Share
Campus Technology
Pressed for dollars and resources, smaller institutions of higher education are discovering that sharing software, data management, and expertise is key to DDD success.